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Prevent phishing, malware and spam attempts by cybercriminals_

Product Overview

The biggest risk to any network security strategy is the user. Some of the top threat vectors that target users are phishing, malware deployments, and link-based attacks. Why? Because a human being is an easy target. Email-borne threats target the user because every human in an organisation has a mailbox. This leaves staff and, by extension, the entire business, vulnerable to exploitation.


Did you know that SYNAQ Securemail is the only solution that delivers a 100% SLA on anti-phishing and anti-viruses protection here in South Africa?


SYNAQ Securemail provides you with tools and techniques to protect email accounts and communications. Email is a business’s largest attack surface and a primary target of phishing attacks and the spread of malware. Over 90% business cyber-attacks start with a malicious email. Without the proper protection, your business will be left vulnerable to cyber criminals that constantly exploit one attack point: human error. Hackers target email because they depend on email recipients that have limited knowledge about cybersecurity or scrutinising the emails they receive. Even experienced professionals and employees can fall victim to these tactics.

With Securemail’s premium edition you can adopt a total block out approach to all major email-borne threats, mitigate the risk of leaking valuable business data and help your users defend against link-based attacks. Making user behaviour less of a risk when it comes to complying with POPIA regulations in the process.


A strong email security solution will assist both the business and employees with a safe working environment, minimising vulnerabilities to email-borne threats. Ensure you are Secure!


Network breach through email can result in significant losses in the form of:

  • Lost hours from employees
  • Remediation costs
  • Incident response costs and effort
  • Damaged brand reputation
  • Lost intellectual property and other assets
  • Direct monetary losses
  • Compliance fines
  • Lost revenue
  • Legal fees

Why buy

99.95% spam detection accuracy and 99.9% uptime guarantee.
100% phishing protection SLA.
Scans for attacks against known and unknown security vulnerabilities.
Whitelist and blacklist administration.
100% virus protection SLA.
World-class local support – included with all contract types.

How it works


Features & Benefits

Comprehensive email protection:

Ensures that end users are safe from spam, phishing and email-borne viruses.

Email Archiving:

Ensures data is always secure, always available, and always here while meeting legal and compliance requirements. Bottomless storage and built-in redundancy provide flexibility, reliability, and peace of mind.

Accessible administration interface:

A secure, powerful and user-friendly dashboard provides detailed management reports and statistics.

DLP (Data Loss Prevention):

Introduces business rules and policies that effectively prevent emails containing sensitive and confidential information leaking out of the organisation via outbound email.

Additional risk mitigation:

Reduces the probability of phishing attacks, specifically domain spoofing and whaling, using the ITP tool set, namely: Domain Anti-Spoof management, Executive Fraud Protection management and Protection Bypass management.

Fast, easy installation:

Thanks to easy set up with simple DNS mail record (MX) changes, businesses are set up and protected in less than 24 hours.

LinkShield (URL threat protection):

Mitigates the risk and impact of URL-based phishing, ransomware and malware attacks in emails.

Synaq email security service options


Description Standard Premium
Secure Mail Bidirectional
Over 2500 spam checks
99.9% uptime spam detection guarantee
100% punitive anti-phishing and antivirus SLAs against the leading banks and SARS
White and Blacklisting administration
Full audit-trail of interface interactions
Detailed reporting functionality
ITP (Identity Threat Protection) toolset: Domain anti-spoof management, Executive Fraud Protection and Protection Bypass Management
DLP (Data Leak Prevention): Examines emails containing sensitive information
LinkShield: Scans and rewrites URLs to mitigate link-based phishing


Backed by a 100% Service
Availability SLA

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