Endpoint Security

Endpoint Protection_

Next generation antimalware and antivirus protection for PC’s, servers and mobile devices_

Product Overview

Looking for the ultimate security solution?

You’ve found it with Kaspersky Total Security for Business.
Intelligent Endpoint and Server Protection meets Web and Mail Gateway Security, addressing threats at each stage of incursion. Reduce your risk and keep your Data, users and organisation safe.

Furthermore, our Adaptive Security identifies additional threats by proactively looking for suspicious behaviour on endpoints, correlating events via multiple security layers.

Included in the product:

  • Anti-Malware, Anti-Spam, Vulnerability Management, Security Policy Adviser and Patch Management
  • Process isolation, Exploitation Prevention and Rollback, Cloud-assisted protection, Mail Server security
  • Full integration with Kaspersky EDR Optimum and Kaspersky Sandbox
  • Adaptive Anomaly Control, Application, Web and Device Controls, Network traffic protection
  • Server and Container Protection, Protection for Terminal Servers, Internet Gateway Protection
  • Remote Data Wipe, Mobile Threat Defence, OS encryption management
  • System Configuration & Deployment, Reporting, Web and MMC based consoles

Why buy

Solutions to safeguard against broad threats, evasive threats and targeted attacks.
Built-in automation to minimise impact and resolution times.
Solutions to predict, prevent, detect, and respond to cyber-attacks.
End-to-end security that prevents mistakes and scales.
Endpoint solutions deliver the best protection for medium and large businesses.
Supports common operating systems and mobile devices.

How it works

Features & Benefits

Security for Mac, Windows, and Linux:

Enjoy protection across devices, endpoints, and servers, ranging from Windows and Linux to Mac workstations

Encryption and Data Protection:

Certified Encryption can be centrally enforced at file, disk or device level.

Mail and Web Security:

Filter all gateway traffic, while Cloud-assisted Antispam detects even the most advanced or unknown potential spam.

Best of Breed Technology:

This increases your protection against more advanced threats.

Mobile Management and Protection:

Powerful Anti-Malware combined with Cloud-assisted Threat Intelligence, Web Control and Anti-Phishing, Mobile Device Management capabilities.

Integration for Advanced Prevention, Detection and Response:

Kaspersky for Business is designed to integrate with Sandbox and EDR Optimum for advanced automated detection and responses.

System Vulnerability and Patch Management:

Streamline and centralise admin tasks to save time and money while further heightening your security.

Optional Managed Service:

Our specialist security team will monitor for incidents and manage the required maintenance 24/7/365.

Shield your business against online threats

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