Managed Security_

Managed Security Services enhance the protection offered by Cyber security products but also take away the headache of managing an environment yourself. Complete the loop of product, people and processes._

Firewall Managed Security Services
Monitor and manage your Firewalls, keep them compliant and get meaningful reports to understand your network security and usage.

Endpoint Managed Security Services
Protect your endpoints, make use of skilled staff to investigate incidents and maintain an up to date enviroinment.

Email Managed Security Services
Understand your email security health, get reports on your email usage and security and get advise on how to continuously improve your email security.

Vulnerability Managed Security Services
Understand your vulnerabilities, attack surface and where to focus your efforts to fix.

Incident Response Services
Get help when an attack happens. Understand how it happenined and how to prevent it in future as well as have a team of resources assist troubleshooting and resolving.

Active Threat Hunting
Discover threats in your environment that may lay dorment before they become a problem.

8 x 5 or 24 x 7 monitoring of your Cyber Security estate. Collection of events, creation of offences and alerts, automated resolution of incidents. The Security Operations Centre is the heart and mind of Cyber Security.