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Next Generation Firewalls to protect the network and webservers_

Product Overview

Global security threats continue to change and evolve, making firewalls one of the most vital components of any network. Firewalls are the first line defense against threats to a network, whether it be DDoS, Malware, IPS or Antispam. Furthermore, they offer application control, Web Filtering, secure SD WAN, etc.

Firewalls assure round-the-clock protection to keep threats out, connect multiple branches, allow staff to work remotely with ease and offer comprehensive reporting on Network and Internet access. With the Armata Managed Firewall Service, we help mitigate the threats so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Why buy

Centralised management console with comprehensive reporting.
Purpose-built, scalable solution that integrates multiple levels of production.
Gartner recognised as a leader in unified threat management technology.
Single consolidated security solution for your network.
Managed service and rental solutions to fit every client’s requirements.
Remote VPN access via secure client provided.

How it works

Features & Benefits

All-in-one Application Control, IPS, Advanced Malware Protection (Antivirus, Mobile Malware, Botnet, CDR, Virus Outbreak Protection, and Sandbox Cloud Service), Web Filtering and Anti-spam Service:

More protection on one device, reducing your footprint and saving you money.

AI-Driven Security Operations:

Automatically prevents, detects, isolates and responds to cyber threats.

Security-Driven Networking:

Secures, accelerates and unifies the network and user experience.

Zero Trust Network Access:

Identifies and secures users and devices in real-time, on and off of the network.

How safe is your
network really?

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