CTAP (Cyber Threat Assessment Program)_

Fortinet POC which analyzes traffic in and out a company network to show threats missed by the current network device_

Product Overview

Businesses around the world are under constant cyber-attack. With a radically increased attack surface and a mature ecosystem perfect for attackers, companies must be ever vigilant across all IT assets. Enter Fortinet’s Cyber Threat Assessment Program, which has been designed to look deep into a company’s network traffic to identify Indicators of Compromise.


It provides customers a blueprint on how to reduce while simultaneously enhancing their network efficiency.

The Fortinet CTAP has expanded to global organisations, providing a free-of-charge program that enables companies to take a detailed look at their network’s current security accuracy, application usage, user productivity and performance via expert Fortinet guidance. By installing a FortiGate High-Performance Enterprise Firewall within the network, a user can instantly monitor the application traffic and traverse for intrusions, malware or malicious applications.

Why buy

Discover previously unknown, exploitable vulnerabilities.
Demonstrate the value of a Fortinet Firewall.
Understand how a FortiGate can mitigate potential attacks.
Highlight security expertise, establishing yourself as a trusted advisor.
Understand utilisation across Internet links.
 Indicate the tangibility of Fortinet Security Fabric.

How it works

Features & Benefits

Superior visibility:

Fortinet solutions are powered by content security and threat intelligence from FortiGuard Labs, who work tirelessly to identify emerging applications and protect enterprises against new threats.

Fortinet security fabric cross-selling opportunities:

The CTAP can uncover additional opportunities where the broad and integrated Security Fabric comes into play. These include analytics, sandboxing, and more.

Deployment flexibility:

CTAPs allow multiple deployment options in order to minimise network disruption. This allows you flexibility to meet your customer needs while demonstrating real value to their organization.

Actionable recommendations:

Each assessment report includes a set of actionable recommendations that technical staff can use to refine their security and network utilisation.

Additional information


Attackers are targeting companies of every size in the hope of gaining access to valuable assets inside the corporate network. Vertical industries need to know what hackers are after and understand the unique strategies they employ.


Banking and Financial organisations should bolster their networks against ‘land-and -expand’ strategies with the predominant use of Trojans. Deploying security platforms like Fortinet’s Advanced Threat Protection framework can combat sophisticated new variants of Malware at the network edge, while implementing internal network segmentation can help contain insider threats and minimise risk to your most valuable Data.


Education security professionals should be mindful of the various devices that can access their network resources, utilising threat intelligence like FortiGuard Mobile Malware services to detect threats that target student smartphones and tablets as vectors for an attack.


Healthcare industry protections closely mirror those of banking organisations. Understanding that hackers may be looking to encrypt their Data and hold the information hostage (instead of silently exporting said Data to sell on the dark web) makes it even more imperative for healthcare to consider internal segmentation strategies to contain threats.


Technology businesses are varied, and hackers respond with diverse strategies and Malware to cast the largest net. Security professionals in these organisations need to understand the devices, applications and platforms that connect to the web using analysis tools like FortiAnalyzer. Understanding their network utilisation will help businesses tailor a security posture that matches their individual attack surface.

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