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DDoS Mitigation_

ISP level DDoS mitigation for clients on the VOX network_

Product Overview

Between the ever-changing nature of Cyber Threats and increasing Volumetric Attacks against networks and applications, a DDoS and Threat Management Service is now vital. Your business needs access to Emails, applications, Cloud and as such, operators cannot afford to compromise on their connectivity. A DDoS attack, either in high-volume flood or stealthy application layer form, may overwhelm your company’s links – making them unusable and stopping traffic from reaching its intended destination. 

With this in mind, we introduce the Vox DDoS Mitigation Service (which is based on the NetScout Arbor Product Suite). Effective for detecting and removing the above threats, the system offers many options to mitigate attack vectors. These include “scrubbing’’ your traffic, dropping ‘bad’ results before they affect your links or filtering out negative results via a TMS Scrubbing Centre Device. Said devices eliminate threats without disrupting key services and applications, meaning an attack can be stopped internationally and nationally before it even reaches your South African server.

Why buy

Business as usual even when under attack.
Sub Second DDoS Detection.
Proactive Service Alerting (optional).
Manages DDoS and threat mitigations across network peering boundaries.
Fully automated – zero operator intervention required.
Customer Peering Network Traffic Analysis and Reporting (optional).

How it works

Features & Benefits

International scrubbing services:

Cleans the DDoS, attacking bad traffic before it reaches South Africa

Fully automated:

Zero operator intervention required.

Flexible configuration:

Solutions can be tailored according to your business and application service requirements.

National scrubbing services:

Cleans Local DDoS, attacking traffic before it impacts your business.

Network Traffic and Attack Analysis and Reporting:

Helps understand the impact, duration and type of attack you’re facing.

Optional SIEM based event handling:

Optional integration into the Vox SIEM with proactive notifications for those in the Vox SIEM.

Additional information


The following service options are available:

  1. International/National Threat Scrubbing Services – Costed out per Mbps of clean traffic using TMS.
  2. International Threat Scrubbing Services – Costed out per Mbps of clean traffic using TMS.
  3. National Threat Scrubbing Services – Costed out per Mbps of clean traffic using TMS.
  4. RTBH (Remotely Triggered Black Holing Services) – Costed out per IP address/prefix/AS

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