SD-WAN Secure_

Enjoy Next-generation security with advanced WAN capabilities_

Native Next-Generation Security.
Real-time Monitoring, Analytics and Reporting.
Multi-Branch VPN overlays
WAN Resiliency and intelligent Application steering.
Highest Quality of Experience for Voice and Data Traffic.
Reduced connectivity and operating expenditure costs.

Product Overview

SD-WAN Secure delivers intelligent networking and security capabilities in a unifi ed solution, targeting Enterprise and SME customers who have a high need for WAN resiliency with security in mind.

It supports Multi-branch VPN overlays, dynamic policy-based decisions for application path selection all across multiple independent WAN connections, consolidated management, and advanced protection against threats.

SD-WAN Secure can reduce operational cost and complexity, improve effi ciency, all without compromising on security.

SD-WAN Management Services include the following:

  • Professional services from Armata to install, configure and implement the SD-WAN Secure services for the customer.
  • Providing the customer with the ability to review network and device performance data.
  • Providing the customer with the ability to manage users and edit user profiles.
  • Providing security alerts
  • Allowing the customer to manage configurations via change control actions as logged through the ticket support process.
  • Remote monitoring and support.
  • Implementation and management of VPN Multi-branch overlays in the customer’s network.
  • Providing the customer with access to SD-WAN Secure related reports through the Customer Support Portal.

How it works

Features & benefits


Simplify the deployment and management: Increased bandwidth at a lower cost.

Flexible Bandwidth Allocation: Higher SLA for Business Applications.

Dynamic Connection Establishment: WAN Selection and diversity.

Efficient WAN Path Controller: Scalable Single Pane of Glass, this includes Zero Touch provisioning and effective monitoring.

Next-Generation Security: Effective Security across the entire network. Greater Business agility and responsiveness.

Additional information


  • SD-WAN Secure is dependent on an Edge Security device placed at the customers’ premises WAN (Wide Area Network).
  • Business Policies are custom-tailored to suit the business’ needs and requirements.
  • Scalable Single Pane of Glass, this includes Zero Touch provisioning and effective monitoring.

Maximise network uptime

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