Armata Pentesting Whitepaper

The protective nature of humans is perhaps rooted in self-preservation and from a personal standpoint, we all take certain measures to protect ourselves from certain dangers or harms in our environments. “Prevention is better than cure” and “Attack is the best form of defence” are some old adages that you may have heard, attributed to martial arts and self-defence in general.

In close contact sports too, such as boxing, for example, self-protection is key. The boxer, therefore, in order to fight must train and in order to train, he must fight. When it comes to cybersecurity, this approach applies in a discipline called penetration testing.

A penetration test, sometimes colloquially referred to as a pen test or ethical hacking, is used by cybersecurity experts to identify, test and highlight vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers to gain access to systems and data which hinders the ability that an organisation possesses to predict, prevent and respond to ever-changing cyber threats.

This makes the Armata Pentesting Whitepaper a must read to provide an understanding of this increasingly complex environment where the importance of penetration testing in a connected business environment cannot be ignored.

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