Armata Cyber Security Launches Advanced Security Operations Centre to Service South African Organisations

Armata Cyber Security launched the Armata Security Operations Centre (SOC) on 07 November 2023 to provide organisations with agile and relevant threat protection. The SOC expands Armata’s existing security offering, providing enhanced and advanced security to larger small to medium businesses (SMBs), mid-market organisations and larger enterprises. Customers onboarding into the Armata SOC will receive enhanced threat protection through the advanced security technologies inherent within Microsoft Sentinel.

“Our SOC is run by skilled SOC analysts who can swiftly detect and automate the response to security incidents, reducing the risk of data breaches, unauthorised access and other malicious activities,” says Caesar Tonkin, Managing Director at Armata Cyber Security.

The SOC delivers intense threat defence for organisations. At a time when security is a priority and organisations require robust protections to ensure the sanctity of their data and regulatory compliance, this service provided by Armata offers peace of mind and superb capabilities. Its agility, speed of threat detection and highly capable security expertise ensures organisations are able to rapidly respond to incidents and threats while minimising risk and disruption.

Any potential threat a company experiences is immediately addressed by the SOC, thereby minimising the impact of security incidents on operations. Customers are assured of reactive and proactive security services as the Armata SOC is focused exclusively on robust protection against attacks, threats and vulnerabilities.

“The Armata SOC has been designed by leading security professionals and is staffed by security talent that has exceptional experience and expertise,” concludes Tonkin. “We recognise that organisations need security that evolves with them and alongside them and so every aspect of this SOC is tailored to smooth over the risks for companies in South Africa.”